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BA Fashion Design Graduate Collection.
AW21 Womenswear and Print.

The visual interpretation of the designer's personal struggle with identity, due to moving from culture to culture throughout her childhood.


The experience of existing between worlds—across 'normal' boundaries of race, ethnicity, and nationality—is portrayed through the use of distortion: morphing familiar silhouettes, such as the Suit Jacket, into the unusual. Print is created by distorting and merging childhood images from living in different countries, allowing a glimpse into the designer's personal third world.

Collection introduced through a fashion editorial, a lookbook, and the short film, Lost in Translation.

Lost in Translation: The Film.

Inspired by theories of third space and liminality, the film plays with the concept of time—morphing reality with the imaginary, the present with the past. 


The film weaves three tales together. The protagonist in a nostalgic trance, the reality. A memory conceptualizing the common phrase "uprooting your life and moving." The repotting of the tree symbolizes moving and making a home in a new environment. A memory of a social gathering, alluding to the past life and self—that grows distant with every move, but is never fully lost. 


A writing, production and directorial debut by Rebecca Li.




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