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Through the Looking-Glass

Print collection for womenswear. Inspired by Agnes Denes' science and mathematical art, which visualize concepts of time, space, and reality.

Agnes Denes is a conceptual artist that encapsulates traditionally intangible ideas into art—merging science, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, poetry and music. Her project 'Isometric Systems in Isotropic Space' was a study that explored "distortions and perspective, probability and space relations, transformations and interactions of phenomena." 

The concept for this print collection was "through the looking-glass," the idea of an alternate reality where everything is in reverse. Inspiration is drawn from the Lewis Carroll novel 'Through the Looking-Glass', and cult-classic movie, the 'Matrix'. Both the Matrix and Carroll use the idea of an alternate world where nothing is as it seems, to question reality and norms of human existence. The juxtaposition of controlled and regimented patterns with dynamic unconfined lines is used to portray the coexistence of separate dimensions. This collection explores the use of lines to communicate perspective, proportion, and shapes.

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